Shop/Agree is the social commerce network for shoppers that relies on personal organic referrals, permission-based connections, and genuine trustworthy feedback.

Retailers earn grassroots relationships and legitimate brand confidence while buyers share purchases with objective friends, close family, and trusted co-workers. Shop/Agree does not rely on spam, promo codes, discounts or coupons. Advise on size, color or model, assist or request help buying, and approve an item choice. Don't shop alone.

You're ignoring 58.6% of your buyers

The Baymard Institute has chosen to segment out this 'just browsing' segment, and instead look at the remaining reasons for abandonments.

Meet the 58.6%

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Jill buys a dress

Jill is a high school senior who needs a prom dress. She asks her friends and fashion club sponsor for advice and dad approves the length. Jill has babysitting money, but asks mom for assistance buying the dress for an unforgettable prom.

Meet Jill
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Phil gets a laptop

Phil is a high-rise architect who needs a new laptop. His co-workers and technical lead offer advice, and his boss approves the expense. Phil asks purchasing for ordering assistance and the skyline has never looked better.

Meet Phil

Shopping started as a social activity. We advised, approved and assisted with shared experiences around shops and products. We visited the mall as teams with our parents and friends, and bought office supplies with participation from coworkers.

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Take shopping back

Online commerce is rather solitary. Who can take shopping back to the community experience it was once intended to be?

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Advice, approval, assistance

Shop/Agree uses our online communication platform for shoppers to seek advice, approval and assistance from friends, family and coworkers.

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Decide, choose, pick

Shop/Agree uses different types of polls to enhance social commerce and foster feedback. Decide "yes or no" on your item, choose between multiple items or pick a size or color.

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Direct communication

Shop/Agree communicates with you and your circle by pushing poll results, comment summaries and product links directly to your laptop and mobile.

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Purchase landing page

Shop/Agree creates a landing page for each potential purchase. Your circle gets Facebook, text and email invitations to vote or comment on your purchase within 24 hours.

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Custom contact links

Shop/Agree creates links for each contact, tracking participation and referring your friends to the so they can buy the product, or ask them to buy it for you.

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Anonymous sharing

Shop/Agree gives you the option to anonymously share your shopping decision landing page polls and comments with retailers and manufacturers.

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Works for everyone

Shop/Agree works for friends, kids, parents, coworkers, spouses, experts and other social dynamics. It's "going to the mall with your friends" for this digital era that also brings social participation back to buying for work.

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Don't shop alone

Shop/Agree makes online commerce social. Advise, assist and approve with Shop/Agree: Don't shop alone.